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632 +/- Acre Highly Improved Cattle & Hay Operation
Great Location in St. Lucie Co., FL

This well planned and very attractive cattle ranch is located a short distance from four-lane SR70 in St. Lucie Co.  The 632 acre ranch is perfect for a purebred operation, heifer development, back grounding yearlings or intensity rotational cow / calf grazing program.  Property is fenced and cross fenced into 24 pastures.  All interior fences were built in the past three years.
Fresh clean water is pumped from a 4" submersible electric pump to 9 concrete water troughs and 9 black poly tanks that are placed in the pastures and lanes. Water troughs are in all but three pastures, plus approximately 8 watering holes are located through out the ranch.
Fencing is designed for convenient handling of cattle, all pastures and the cow pens are connected by lanes.  Pastures are of various sizes to accommodate different handling needs.  In some cases, four or five small pastures use the same watering and feeding areas by opening and closing of gates in that area.
The cow pens are constructed of all steel 2 inch pipe panels, (no boards to break or rot).  A pole shed is constructed over the squeeze chute area, also there is a scale to weigh individual cows or calves, and a concrete loading ramp for loading and unload livestock. 
The ranch has an attractive "Old Florida" appearance with the oak and cabbage tree hammocks scattered through the property, that also provide much needed shape for the cattle.  All pastures are planted in various improved pasture grasses.  In fact, you will find 200 acres of Floralta, 40 acres of Kenhy Floralta (developed by the Seminole Tribe), 60 acres of Jiggs Bermuda, 60 acres of bahia over seeded with aeschynomene and the balance in bahia grass.
In the past, some areas of the property were farmed, leaving some drainage ditches in place.  The Seller has went to great expense to clean and restore all the old ditches and laterals to get this property to drain properly.  While working on the drainage, about 45 culverts of various sizes were installed, several with risers to better control the water flow and to hold up water during the dry periods.  At the present, drainage and irrigation is now well controlled on the ranch.  The ranch is bound on the east side by the C-24 canal and the south side by the C-23 canal, of which the Seller has permits from SFWM to gravity flow water into and out of both canals.  In addition, the owner has also obtained permits to drill seven wells to the Surficial Aquifer for agricultural irrigation of 300 acres with a maximum usage of 303.1 million gallons annually. 
Other improvements include a 2015 two bedroom one bath manufactured home with a 16' x 44' covered porch across the front. In addition, a site built home is already permitted for property.  The 52' x 60'equipment barn is pole construction, with a closed in 12' x 30' tool and parts area.  Barn has electric and water. 
The property is being sold as a turn-key operation with all tractors and hay equipment included, all equipment was purchased new between 2015 and 2017.  Please call for complete list.


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